Education Becoming Business-Coaching Institutes Treating Students As Clients

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In the race to excel, coaching institutes are being aggressively promoted by parents as well as teachers. Coaching, a phenomenon which was earlier unheard of and opted for by only candidates who were weak in studies, has become a way of a student’s life now. It is quite hard to imagine a student who doesn’t go to a coaching class student to take admission in the to study after school. With every parent wanting their child to crack as many competitive exams as possible, the demand for coaching classes has grown significantly.

Nowadays one can find easily coaching classes in every street and in every locality. Most of these coaching institutes charge quite large amounts of money as fee. But parents don’t think twice before paying whatever they charge as they believe that these institutes enable and equip the candidates to perform well in the exams. But nowadays these coaching institutes treating students as their business medium. They not only provide coaching classes but also recommend to the student to take admission in the colleges/ institutes where they tie-up. Colleges and coaching institutes join hands to offer an integrated learning space where the formal and informal sectors meet.

BJP Lok Sabha member and film actor Paresh Rawal said private coaching institutes are likely “education terrorism” and sought their regulation, wondering whether even “Rajnikanth, let alone god,” would know whether the situation can be improved. Terming the flourishing of coaching institutes as “educational terrorism”, he said “like terrorists, government does not have details of coaching institutes”, alleging that these also operated without any checks or even a permit.

Nowadays, small as well as big coaching institutes are connecting with engineering, medical, management and many other colleges and recommend students to take admission in these colleges. For this, they use various methods:

Call to college authority: Coaching institutes arrange seminar session for students where they talk about the benefits of colleges. They provide comprehensive knowledge of the college and tell about various advantageous regarding fee structure, placement details etc. If the students take admission in that college, then coaching institutes charge some amount from that college.

Arrange career counseling classes: Coaching authorities arrange regular counseling session for weak students and discuss advantageous of taking admission in that particular college.

Recommend hostels of that particular schools/colleges: Coaching institutes are expanding the market through backward integration with the hostels of schools and colleges. College trustees allot rooms in their hostels for students who are away from their home.

Everyone is involved in this process, college trustees, professors and coaching institutes. Coaching institutes contact to colleges and offer big money. In some places, college trustees allot rooms in colleges to these corporate coaching classes. College professors are told not to take lectures during college hours. During college hours and in college premises, students are coached by staff deputed by coaching classes. The practice is very common nowadays.


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