Read This If SRM University Is Your First Choice


21st century is probably the era of privatization and the boom of private Engineering Colleges is increasing. Increasing in number of private colleges also led the number of dreams come true to become an engineering graduate from the well-known colleges. Many of the colleges are in the long run and SRM is one of them. Well, if you want to pursue your engineering career with SRM University then some of the points you should freeze in your mind regarding SRM. Every college comes with its pros and cons and so is the same with this college. If you are thinking about placements and want to become an IT Professional then SRM would be good choice. But the College you can say is somehow money minded. You have to pay most of the time, despite the submission of your college fees at the time of admission. For example, you have to pay for being late, for short attendance, for sitting in exam and also at the time of placements which is not worth it. Moreover, If attendance in any subject is less than 75% then 10,000 Rs. fine per subject and detention.

Getting admission through Management quota is quite common in this college. Generally, it is said that admission procedure in this college is through their entrance exam. But, its not the fact. The most of the seats are reserved for management quota. You can better opt for VIT (Vellore Institute Of Technology) and MIT (Manipal Institute Of Technology) both in respect to education and placements. Although VIT also take admissions through management quota but all other facilities of this college is better considering academics too.

If we talk about the faculties, then again this college disappoints us. Most of them are M.Tech, but knowledge of zero level. Lectures are not so much indulging, quite boring. But we can’t comment on that, because it basically depends on the students how he gains from that. Hostellers, especially the North Indian Students are fed up with the food. And so with some of the South Indian students too. As we all know Chennai is too hot place during summers and AC charges are very high to afford every year. Although the infrastructure is superb but faculty is poor and quality of education is terribly bad.Overall, a place for rich students to study. Last but not the least syllabus is not up to the mark according to the skills required by many of the core companies. Good for CSE branch but don’t go to this college if you are Mechanical or aspirant of a core engineering branch. If you are a serious student and wish to come up in life, better avoid SRM.


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