College Scan

1. Working To Make Education Affordable For All Background People

With a large thriving community of our members, CollegeScan is the premier network for current and future college scholars to get to where they are going. We are a federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to the education in India. We are independent organization works to make higher education more available and affordable for people of all backgrounds. It is an interactive and user-friendly tool designed to provide information about top colleges to parents, students, counselors and many more. By conducting and supporting nonpartisan research and analysis, we aim to improve the process that can pave to the successful educational outcomes for students and societies.

2. More About This Tool

CollegeScan puts higher education data for Engineering, Law, Medical and Management at your fingertips. Browse and compare information about diversity, affordability, exam, field and other related information.

College Scan allows users to:

  • Examine college graduation rates
  • Search your desired college by exam, field, location and course
  • Compare graduation rates of colleges
  • Learn about college track records which suits you

3. Compare Colleges

Create your own group of colleges to compare their graduation rates and related information. Select your college based on specific requirements and institutional characteristics.


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